Mission Statement

To provide a proactive method for retaining graduating Key Club and Circle K members in the Kiwanis Family utilizing the Kiwanis International family of clubs as a network for those graduate’s benefit.

About the Program

This is a proactive program developed by the Rocky Mountain District. The network of Kiwanis International family of clubs already exists. This program is designed to supercharge that network by providing KC Graduates with an Advocate to assist members in contacting and utilizing the support of the Kiwanis family of clubs wherever they may reside.

KC Graduates remain as a special class of Honorary Members (KCG Members) of their Home Clubs if that club has adopted the program or of the District if it has not. There are no fees or dues to the member or the Home Club for participating in the program. KC Graduate keeps building on the member’s existing community service resume with the minimum obligation to do two community service projects each year and attend a minimum of two meetings of a Kiwanis organization each year.

The only other requirement is to complete the annual Proof of Participation and Renewal forms as outlined in the Registration Form.

How Does It Work?

Kiwanis International has clubs in eighty countries worldwide. As a member of the program, you inform the KC Graduate Administrator when you move to a new area and a member of the Administrator’s team contacts Kiwanis Clubs in your area. Then we give you the personal contact information for these clubs and let you know they would be happy to have you visit.

You have an immediate Kiwanis family who are dedicated to youth. They will know about the community you are moving to and all the local information you need to know. This works whether you are going to a college away from home or moving to a new job – the essence of supercharged networking. This is all available at no cost to you.

Who Are KC Graduates?

The age requirement is 18 to 40 years old. You may sign up in high school and re-ceive KC Graduate communications, but you become a member after graduation and when you have reached your eighteenth birthday. College students in CKI or who have been in Key Club may also become members at anytime provided they are age 18.

Your Identification Card

This identification card is sent to the KCG Graduate by the Rocky Mountain District KC Graduate Administrator. It is provided in electronic format so the member may have it on file as needed. It is suggested it be printed and laminated for safe keeping.

The card is your identification as a Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis member. Show this card to other Kiwanians at any Kiwanis Club meeting or event. As a KC Graduate member, you are entitled to enjoy club meetings and participate in events as an honorary Kiwanis member wherever you go.

How to Register

1. Ask your Faculty or Kiwanis Advisor for more information,
2. Click on Register On-Line above. Fill out the form, answer the security question, and click SEND.
3. Upon receipt of your Registration Form, you will be contacted by the KC Graduate Administrator.